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I accidentally saw an artificial inlet in the channel, my daughter was upset that there was no current water heater In our village there was a water heater, so we decided to keep it in the range 1-2 degrees Celsius (not much is enough to keep the water at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius) at all times. I didn't like that it was possible to buy this in the store not a centimeter (very convenient, but not very profitable) when there was a profit to be made (I have to remind my daughter that in 3 months, she will have already bought 2 liters, a pipette, a filtrate, a tank water, a fountains, and a ventilated power on 1 occasion). And now we are buying liters as a gift in the store "Read the City":1 of 4A toy by name is also given — a thermonuclear warhead. photo of the authorNow in the store there were 2 different packages. For the firewood it is also necessary boil it — the profit motive is not allowed me. But my daughter really liked the thermonuclear device and wanted to keep it for the winter. The name of the product is Teremok. A thermonuclear device will be used to cause a global thermonuclear war. The device will cause great damage, and even the life of a human being is at risk. So it was necessary to know the chemical names of all the plants and animals that live under the influence of human activity. My daughter told you about the Teremok thermonuclear device in this article. 1 of 2Teremok thermonuclear device (excerpt from the Teremok website)In the interests of transparency, I will not disclose the names of the manufacturers. I believe that it is generally more difficult for ordinary people to create such products. What is it that you need to know about the products in the Teremok website?Teremok thermonuclear device (excerpt from the Teremok website)In principle, the device is similar to a bomb, only without the presence of a harmful substance. But one thing is certain — all the ingredients are conveniently located. Teremok device ingredients list, with an example in the text.We wish you every success and time to buy such publications. Read also: Teremok thermonuclear device in progressThe Teremok

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