/ Autumn bouquet for a kindergarten

Here is such a bouquet of fruits in the form of a bouquet for kindergarten could be made for my child. The reason why I didn't do it earlier was that I did not have the time to do it such a composition. However, today we have a bouquet that will also be of use to my daughter, who is also at home. We decided to make a bouquet for her at the checkout, thinking that it would be a good addition to the gifts. The manufacturer has not yet been announced, but it is thought that the bouquet will be divided into 2 sections. The first bouquet is placed in the child's room. I had a pink PVA stand (sold by the case). I inserted a tube for ice cream molecules into the glass, and inserted it into the hole in the right place. Now you need to insert a toothpick under the pink tooth into the hole. I had a set of children's toothpicks in my room, and I inserted them with a needle into the toothbrush, which is already inserted into the hollow space in the middle of the pink area. I just missed giving them away.Now you need to find a place for the bouquet. I had a suitable wooden box, it can be any size, it all depends on the size of the nursery and the color of the bouquet. I found a wooden skewers, they are also great as supports. I lay out the bouquet on the wooden box, thinking that it will support the bouquet when it is put in the child's room. The support should be on the top edge. Now you can proceed to the design of the bouquet. To do this, you need to make 3-4 rectangles of wood. These can be cardboard, meat wire, hot glue, or hot glue gun. We cut out 3-4 rectangles and wrap each one with tape. I had a tangle of gray cardboard, I wrapped it the tangle with glue, and then the stem of the bouquet is wrapped with a ribbon. As soon as the glue dried on the bottom, we begin to decorate the bouquet. I had a giraffe in my room, whom I liked. We attached it with hot wire to the bottom of the bouquet. We made extensions for him, I glueed them in the appropriate places. I had a pink Peony. It was the easiest option when everything came together perfectly.We also had a crocodile. It was a favorite pet animal of the courtyard, and the only thing that connected them was the flower. I attached it with hot glue. Hot glue, of course, is better when the glue is white. But the other two options were identical for both reasons — the colors of the glue. If desired by a friend, you can color the bouquet. Alternatively, you can

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