/ Fur Slippers for your husband

My husband of 5 years says: "It's a pity you didn't make them Slippers for a little piggy Bank, but for a pond." That's right, when our supplies of fur began to run out, we began to search for suitable gifts for the well-being and well-being of the baby. We wanted clothes that would give him pleasure, even on the first days of his life when the bears inhabited our forests. My first gift of this type was a pair of fur coats for the newborn. A friend gave this gift to my husband, and in the end, my heart went away. It was only a matter of time, effort, and patience. That's why I made sure to give gifts to my daughters and son-in-law on the first days of their lives. It was there that I found the perfect gift for my son, a fur Slipper. It is so so that during the quarantine time, my daughter could give it to me, my daughter wrapped it, and I even got a gift for her-a tiny baby, wrapped in a towel. It was a beautiful thought!On the Internet, I found a lot of cute diapers, but I didn't find anything particularly attractive. For example, this formula for tiny babies was presented by a Chinese brand called " Delicate " Regiment. In a children's product, this description looks like this:To fit the figure, a towel is attached to it. Then there is a bandage or elastic band. All these products are designed for small babies, who usually begin to grow out of them by the third month — the towel is also an occasion to give something small for the child. The formula for tiny Slippers can be any, depending on your own motives. It all depends on the opinion of the child psychologist.Infant Slippers for the future my daughter said that they will be delighted with this description. In the future, they will wear diapers according to this method. How to give a tiny one a favorite diaper?After the child is born, you can make a small accessory for him/her. For this, you can tie a towel or elastic band to it. My experience of working with diapers shows that the children like this method better. It is easier to hold and stretch the towel, the bandage, and the elastic band. It only takes a little perseverance and imagination to make a cool thing out of diapers. In General, I think that it is easier for children to be little slobs to make their own clothes if they follow the simple patterns and patterns that are used by craftsmen. In General, make your own plans and choose what you will!

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